CRM Case

Introduction of Clients

Welltec Machinery Ltd. has mechanical equipment production bases in South China and East China as well as a marketing network that covers the whole China and the world. In addition to research, development, production, distribution and technical service of plastic injection moulding machines, the company has extended its product range to rubber-plastic processing machines and sheet metal working machines like blow moulding machine, extrusion line, rubber injection molding machine, hydraulic press and NC turret punch press, etc. In the future, Cosmos Machinery Ltd. will continue to located its production bases in China, make full use of the existing infrastructure and resources and actively extend its market in China mainland and overseas. Our crew is practical and enterprising, and is determined to make the company become one of the world’s most excellent suppliers of rubber-plastic processing machines and sheet metal working machines.

Welltec Machinery Ltd. is situated in the developed and transport-convenient Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. It is principally engaged in supplying mechanical equipment and component parts, wholesaling, being commissioned to sell and importing/exporting some industrial materials, and providing relevant technical consultation and maintenance service. It mainly sells the mechanical products from every branch of Cosmos Machinery Ltd. and provides after-sale service for these products. The products include Donghua plastic injection moulding machine, Welltec plastic injection moulding machine, Grand Tech plastic injection moulding machine, Grand Tech-UBE plastic injection moulding machine, Cosmos NC punch press, Cosmos NC bending machine, Cosmos NC plate cutting machine, Cosmos hydraulic press etc.

Background of the Project

  1. information management platform

    The company has successfully installed and used the informatization system like ARACLE ERP, therefore the ORACLE CRM software platform and the CRM philosophy and marrow contained in the ORACLE CRM software can be used for variance analysis, correlation analysis and factor analysis so as to facilitate the implementation of the client strategy in which the clients are regarded as the center.

  2. Guiding theory

    Since present market competition is fierce, the clients’ resources are particularly important. In such a case, a company that wants to increase its competitive power and market share must do the following successfully:

    1. Work out a client strategy in which clients are regarded as the center
    2. Take the client life cycle theory, the client value identification theory and the client fidelity theory as guidance
    3. Use information management system platform
    4. Design business functions and reorganize operation flow
    5. Improve its image as a service supplier, heighten client’s satisfaction degree and fidelity
  3. Anticipated value
    1. Achieve the change of operation strategy
    2. Raise the retention rate of valuable clients
    3. Heighten value-adding ability of the clients
    4. Integrate and share client information


  • Operation solution:

    Based on the operation situation and operation requirement of Cosmos Machinery Ltd., and in order to ensure timely and successful going-live of the CRM project and to ensure the subsequent popularization and deepened application of the project, this solution uses the idea of phase-by-phase and module-by-module execution. In execution of a module, the standard functions of and the standard flow for Oracle CRM system incorporating advanced ERM management thought and philosophy are basically followed, and customized development is avoided in so far as possible. Regarding the compatibility with the ERP system and related existing systems, some API interface programs will be used to import related basic data and historical data into the CRM system once. It is recommended to carry out database build, data excavation and commercial intelligence analysis after the project goes live, so as to ensure that the application at operation level can be quickly upgraded to the application at analysis level.

  • System solution:

    If a CRM system is constructed on the basis of the multi-organization ERP system in an Oracle RBS, the CRM system may be closely integrated with the EPR system for sharing information resources. In the solution, all module functions of CRM are to be installed in the EBS production environment so as to facilitate the execution, popularization and use of the present project. Therefore, the solution is foreseeing.

  • Overall solution:

    The client relation administration is carried out by using the TCA model with Oracle CRM philosophy i.e. client model of Trading Community Architecture, selling funnel model, client life cycle theory, client value identification theory and client fidelity theory etc.

    TCA is a more perfect model of client relation. By use of this client data model, the client relationship in the real world, which is complicated, multi-level, diversiform and matrix-like, can be simulated.

    Oracle CRM transforms the TCA model into software so that the model can be used, and separates the interested party from the client relationship. It supports B2C business mode, supports space sharing with clients, and records complicated client relationship including rich contents, such as party (individual person, group, relation, organization), account of the client, contact person, relation with the interested party, participants, etc.

    The model of selling funnel can optimize and filter the operation information of sale clue, selling opportunity, sale prediction, etc. layer by layer, so as to help the client carry out sales management.

    By merging the client life cycle theory, the client value theory and the client fidelity theory into Oracle CRM system for quantification, help the company to better its work in marketing, selling, service, etc. so that the clients are more satisfied.

Results Accomplished

  1. The information is integrated and shared with Oracle ERP system; the information on client resources is perfected.
  2. The departments of different member companies do office work on the same platform thus work efficiency is raised.
  3. The success probability for sale clue and selling opportunity is increased; and the selling quotation and contract administration are standardized.
  4. The speed of response to service request and the service efficiency are heightened. The client satisfaction is raised.
  5. The sales revenue is increased; the selling cost and service cost are reduced; and the sales profit is increased.
  6. The relation with clients is meliorated; the client demands are tracked in an omnibearing manner by all employees; the CRM strategy and systems are perfected.