ERP really give businesses what?

Manufacturing is the engine of the national economy, WTO, China has gradually become the world manufacturing industry clusters. In recent years, with the deepening of market-oriented and competition becomes more intense, timely import enterprise resource management system (ERP), fully integrated sales, purchasing, production, cost, inventory, distribution, transport, finance, personnel and other resources to achieve the best mix of resources, to achieve the best efficiency, has become the focus of SME management upgrade.
1 ﹑ the benefits of the boss

1. At any time by the system provide information on the company's operating conditions.

2. The establishment of the company's management system and operation of the specification, the operation of the system management company.

3. The establishment of the company's operation database, the cumulative knowledge of the company's management experience will not be lost due to personnel transaction.

4. By the system integration of information that can improve the company's reaction speed, without and from a manpower statistics, can reduce errors, save manpower.

5. By the system provides a large number of computing functions, can enhance the company's production flexibility, improve the ability to get orders.

6. System can integrate information on various units can be settled at any time to understand the company's current operating costs.

7. System meets the financial and tax regulations, possible to reach the objectives of internal control within the bow to the ground.

8. The system meet listing standards that can help companies publicly traded company in operation.

9. The system can reflect the abnormal conditions, and provide relevant information to facilitate solving the problem.

10. System can provide electronic sign-off and work flow of the function, to achieve paperless goal.

11. System can operate the remote on-line inquiries, to facilitate cross-border management, and not subject to restrictions on the region.

12. The system can be used for capital management and improve working capital efficiency.
2 ﹑ the benefits of the department manager

Always check a company's procurement of all raw materials price fluctuations and, based on market conditions responses.

2. Can supplier in a period analysis of the total amount of the purchase, according to the amount of the effective number of bulk raw material supplier with the consultation discount issues.

3. Sales section, you can sell within a certain period of time according to the amount of customers divided. Determine the A-class customers.

4. For analysis of customer orders, orders for shipment of goods to make trends. Could focus on management and control. Their cost analysis, and minimize its cost of goods sold, thereby increasing profits. Can forecast sales of goods.

5. Dailiao inventory anomalies and stock analysis of the situation and formulate treatment plan. And the information is fed back to the relevant departments. So that inventory optimization.

6. For the project part of the JI projects can be achieved control, an analysis of its one-time items. Assess its feasibility.

7. For full-year costs can be part of the budget, and later compared with the actual occurrence of different parts of the analysis, to formulate appropriate strategy.

8. May purchase price for electronic sign-off control, so that the next purchase orders for procurement staff must use the sign-in charge of the procurement unit.

9. Against the accounts receivable part of the system to reflect the length of aging can quickly understand the real-time accounts receivable situation. Track.

10. To operational staff, sales in the statistical analysis to develop appropriate incentive mechanisms. To a greater extent of the mobilization of employee enthusiasm for the company to create greater efficiency.

11 pairs of the production process to keep abreast of the situation that occurred abandoned, the scrapped unusual work a single analysis, to formulate appropriate strategy.

12. For management ability, financial structure, profitability analysis, specific to each part of the analysis of abnormal factors.

13. In the use of the message management process workflow, timely understanding of the rapid delayed purchase orders, sales orders for delays on the abnormal part of the adjusted accordingly.
3 ﹑ ﹑ Health management control of the material benefits of

1. May be to grasp the sales order quantities ﹑ ﹑ shipment volume and customer demand for non-payment date.

2. May at any time arrival status of control of the procurement of materials.

3. May at any time to master material inventory status ﹑ timely production and shipment arrangement.

4. Delivery of customer demand forecasting analysis and materials analysis to determine the capacity ﹑ material's ability to achieve customer demand, fast feedback to the business.

5. By product master plan, the operation can be finished semi-working order ﹑ billing, reduce the workload.

6. Material Requirements can produce materials needed for the current product inventory ﹑ ﹑ have been allocated the number of in-transit inventory and the estimated number of 11 ﹑ Queliao listed in check by the material control, and can be transferred directly to the procurement system to generate purchase orders.

7. Opening the system to make a single, while the inventory may be aware of each material ﹑ have been allocated and that they could claim the number is expected.

8. Can be set to send work orders completed plans, and through "" orders for production scheduling "" End of query plan performance, and thus for production control.

9. Machining center production scheduling, they can always control the resources of the ultra-short load, and hence to make the appropriate allocation.

10. Machining center performance analysis, machining centers can understand the actual consumption of man-hours and production efficiency ﹑ ﹑ bad product yield rate.

11. Product Master Plan progress tracking form, according to sales orders to production arrangement in check has been paid, is expected ploidy ﹑ ﹑ unlicensed material ploidy and storage volume.

12. System has led to progress in a single schedule and orders at any time to reflect.

13. Production line products to transfer control and input at every station in the system ﹑ ﹑ output analysis.

14. Transfer of storage time for control of excessive control and warehousing.

15. Late unfinished system has led to a single data tracking forms are now available in a timely manner so that a single system to handle overdue.

16. Ultra-collar material restrictions and control of fed-batch process.
4 ﹑ the benefits of the QC

1. The use of quality control operations so that the whole operation process, a more complete rationalization of ﹑.

2. For feeding the record more complete, easy to trace, analysis and follow-up improvements.

3. To the entire production process for the detailed records in order to facilitate follow-up analysis and improvement.

4. Can be unified analysis of suppliers provide us with raw materials and parts in good or bad, in order to facilitate operations adjusted accordingly.

5. Be able to concentrate on the products produced within the company needs to resolve links.

6. Be able to eliminate many of the manual inspection reports, improve efficiency, reduce unnecessary human error.

7. Numerous aspects of our quality control operations, able to multi-product certification, to reduce unnecessary duplication of the follow-up operation.
5 ﹑ the benefits of the system of accounting

1. Monthly time to bear the financial statements: If the financial staff to provide a monthly balance sheets, profit and loss account and so on. System operations finance staff no longer need to borrow in order to check the grievances away effortlessly.

2. Between ledger management at a glance: As the plant regardless of the number of transactions clients can be managed by the system at any time be able to master its receivable ﹑ to cope with the amount outstanding. Finance staff also do not have to worry about general ledger and the ledger injustice.

3. Mastery and deployment of capital flow: Can funds used in timely fashion factory ﹑ balance the situation and make financial projections provided to the leadership of capital operation and reasonable options.

4. The various departments in the system operating on the interlocking, the final accounting documents reviewed by the finance staff to facilitate the internal management of the internal oversight factory ﹑ internal controls.

5. The cost of clearing easy. System, the normal monthly transactions, documentation complete and easy to bear the cost of computing.

6. Finance staff checkout when characteristics: the former after the tight loose, that is all right in early, at the end did not have time. The system operations to focus on the daily operations of the correctness of the timely entry and inspection of documents, as long as the normal data entry is correct, at the end of the reporting of information calculated by the system are conducive to the rational use of corporate human resources.

7. System operations monthly report is to provide not only information, but also provides a comparison of information between the different months in order to facilitate the financial data analysis.

8. The budget function, providing between budgeted and actual analysis.

9. To provide multi-angle analysis of statistical functions: such as sales (purchases) according to customer demographics, customer classification according to statistics ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ by salesman and Statistics Statistics ﹑ by stock by stock classification and statistics

10. For the three places for the operation of factories, the database of information between Hu Zhuan, the business transactions between the consolidated financial accounts and other demand ﹑ This system provides the most convenient method.
6 ﹑ the benefits of the business

1. To provide a complete customer basic information documents, records of customers a variety of detailed information and related transactions with the customer's terms, to facilitate future access to such information;

2. Can be convenient and efficient sales order entry, control of the guests by setting the amount of readily available next-day statements;

3. Has shipped part of the system will automatically debit, real-time to provide details of unpaid orders to facilitate reconciliation with the customer P / O residual;

4. Provides order-line production status analysis, can accurately understand the current state of production, rapid delivery reply guests;

5. To provide the approved unit management, providing transaction history unit query, you can understand the price of the transaction status;

6. Provides order forecast consumption analysis table can be part of the guests Forecast for material needs of operations, advance materials in stock;

7. Be prepared to provide part of the shipment has been shipped reconciliation schedule to facilitate reconciliation with the customer;

8. To provide fiduciary control lines, you can ensure that the funds withdrawn from circulation in a timely manner, reduce the incidence of bad loans the company to reduce the company's business risks;

9. To provide our company with the guests Part Number Part Number comparison table, you can directly feed the guests number for a single order handling, shipping Print ﹑ query management, has greatly enhanced operational efficiency;

10. Provides order version of the control, you can change according to edition changes back orders for customers of the content and the original order information;

11. ﹑ Can provide customers during the sales, inventory trend analysis reports to see sales trends ﹑ market trends for the future of the Manufacturing and marketing plan to provide first-hand information;

12. For the export part of the shipment can automatically provide a single Invoice and Packing list, can meet the export demands of its customers without having to repeat the operation;

13. Truly a resource sharing, as long as there is access into the system a check, the customer provides all the relevant information at a glance ﹑ shipped, will not be in charge of a staff member of client's industry, while other people will not understand the situation, can not be timely Reply ﹑ deal with customer issues.
7 ﹑ the benefits of the project

1. Can be multiple BOM versions of the same product design;

2. Can BOM product structure similar to copy directly, reducing input;

3. Through the BOM tree structure can be clearly printed products, multi-level relationships;

4. Can be different from the BOM structure comparison between products;

5. Maintain the material can be an alternative relationship;

6. Multiple products at once BOM changes;

7. Can maintain the main product of the joint-product information;

8. The same product can maintain a number of processing;

9. Can be a variety of resources and individual resources to carry out maintenance;

10. May at any time to adjust production capacity of various resources;
8 ﹑ the benefits of the Warehouse Division

1. Quick Look into the status of warehouse inventory and related materials, such as the material in transit, has been assigned, the number has been requested to purchase a more comprehensive and so on.

2. Stock ways to search for the convenience and flexibility, such as the history of a particular point in time can check inventory, classes can be a beautiful woman or a warehouse stock inventory can only check the transaction took place that day, stock inventory.

3. Can be a quick reference commonly used safety stock inventory and promptly informed whether the material of the purchases to ensure that needed for the production.

4. Can quickly check the sluggish materials storage conditions, so that timely treatment to reduce the backlog of capital stock of the occupation forces to improve financial operations.

5. Warehouse to prepare accounts simple, easy, timely and accurate. Storage information is available in multiple formats, according to the leadership needs to be generated, elegant, fast and flexible.

6. A monthly inventory of information quickly and easily generated, the system automatically accounts statistics out of the warehouse and accounting profit and loss account of the plate number.

7. Warehouse receipts can be done by the system automatically passed to the financial and other relevant departments, timely and accurate.

8. Warehouse information is available real-time with other sectors, a total of Frederick, do not always receive all day long spell check stock calls.

9. Stocks have specialized reports abnormal stock statistics for warehouse operations personnel targeted checks.

10. To meet the financial needs of the No invoice received at the end of the stock has a separate interface to do Zangu inventory.
9. For the benefits of purchasing department

1. Resource integration, procurement system resources and the other people, financial, and material resources, integrated in a database, is conducive to enterprise resource sharing.

2. Information is uploaded, procurement documents once entered, the system will automatically send text messages to notify the competent audit.

3. Directives issued, purchase orders will automatically transfer to the warehouse sector, to facilitate the receipt and inspection and storage.

4. Financial accounting, procurement warehouse receipts will be automatically cast to billing systems, facilitate the reconciliation of financial and accounting personnel.

5. Can be directly received by business sector procurement arrangements for customer orders.

6. System based on health regulators ordered the production of system has led to demand for raw materials show operator, and can automatically switch into purchase orders.

7. Upstream and downstream firms can maintain the supply chain management (SCM).

8. The unified management of suppliers and their pricing, so that examination can evaluate supplier, a comparative analysis of the purchase price.

9. According to the actual needs of procurement staff into different range of items.

10. Purchase order entry, the system automatically into the supplier's approval of the price convenience lose a single job.

11. Requisitions operations to record the raw materials sector the status of requisitions, purchase orders can be automatically transferred into the procurement.

12. Supplier deliveries over, Provisional Acceptance data directly associated with quality control, inspection and pass the storage, or back.

13. Provide all kinds of query form in order to keep abreast of purchase orders, purchase price, vendor delivery, warehousing inspection, procurement with reminders, purchase reconciliation, accounts payable and other information.

14. To provide relevant statistical form to analyze high-level executives, decision-making
10, for the benefits of MIS

1. ERP software has the ease of installation, operational expertise, operating on the practicality, and use of a human face. These advantages have enabled MIS staff to learn and maintain the ERP system, easy to use, in order to facilitate and increase quality, improve efficiency.

2. ERP benefit of MIS staff of this company (factory) within the calculator hardware and network architectures have a better understanding of MIS personnel in order to facilitate better maintenance and management.

3. Through the ERP implementation and import to MIS personnel Calculator security and network security have a better understanding of calculators can enhance their expertise.

4. Through the study and use of ERP, so that MIS can right SQL database, the automatic backup and restore database functions have a better understanding.

5. Through the study and use of ERP, so that MIS staff to learn on-line remote control of new knowledge.

6. Adoption of ERP in the import process. So that MIS staff from a calculator operator has gradually become one with the calculator expertise system administrator.

7. ERP benefit of MIS personnel system Windows platform family more in-depth, more professional, more systematic study and use.

8. In the ERP implementation process will certainly encounter some difficulties and problems to address and resolve these issues on the practical experience to enhance MIS staff very helpful.

9. Importing through the implementation of ERP, MIS personnel to provide a multi-professional knowledge and skills to learn some of the opportunities for increasing the value of working experience in MIS personnel law yards.

10. ERP has a strong logical and systematic process of rational, MIS personnel in-depth learning and understanding to be rational if the alternative mode of work, methods of work which would bring more of his work to improve the quality and efficiency of .

11. Beneficial MIS staff workflow plant more in-depth, detailed understanding.

12. The promotion of MIS staff and the company (factory) internal co-ordination among various departments and co-ordination, thereby enhancing awareness of the team.

13. Through the ERP system, understand, learn, use, maintenance and management. The quality of personnel on the MIS is also a big improvement.