Office Automation(OA)

Cosmos i-Tech Solutions Limited. OA Premium Office automation (OA) through the tight integration of the knowledge of document management, human resources management, customer relationship management and workflow management, the four modules, the core of the enterprise address management needs of enterprise knowledge, markets, marketing, research and development, personnel, and administrative aspects of collaborative management, through information sharing and business in the height of a series of links, flexible and efficient management, operation mode, so that enterprises through the application of the digital environment has rapidly improve the management level and operational efficiency.

Information enterprises through the application of Datong Office automation (OA) can benefit in the following areas:

  • Knowledge and documentation, human resources, customer relationship and workflow management to fully meet the core management needs, to help enterprises quickly build collaborative working environment and efficient management and enhance operational efficiency
  • Changes in enterprise management mode, all kinds of information and progress of work easy to show in front of the entire operation of the company at a glance, for a variety of critical resources can be effectively turn control
  • Help with comprehensive, dynamic management, both from the macro side to observe the company's operations, but also in-depth understanding of every detail; all information rapidly and can be further traced back layer by layer to help break through the information barriers to access and enterprise management
  • A comprehensive synergy of the various business aspects of enterprise closely linked together to realize the information and information coordination and collaboration between people, processes and process coordination and so on, the more smooth conduct of business
  • Relatively small number of funds and personnel and other inputs will be able to rapidly link enterprise key management improvements to help enterprises maximize the benefits from the information construction